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ON THE ROAD WITH THUNDERSTRUCK: What Do You Do For Harley? - Schmengy Vlogs - Ep. 40

I got short one for ya this week interwebs. The damn weather pooped on our party in Sunbury, Ohio last Saturday, and it led to us having just 1 show at the Oak Grove Gaming Casino in Oak Grove, Kentucky. The show in Oak Grove was our first time down there, and we rocked it real good.

Due to lack of content, I decided to leave Money Honey in it's entirety in this week's vlog. I wasn't expecting to just get one night's worth of footage, but once again, the damn weather ruined it.

I hope we get a rain check in Sunbury, and the Harley Davidson dealership invites us back in the future for some rockin'. Onto this coming weekend, we have Little Miami Brewing Company in Milford, Ohio and the Cedar Creek Winery in Martinsville, Indiana. We have received word that the Brewing Company is sold out, so all things considered, this coming weekend should be a good one. Oh, and like I said at the end of the vlog, I might finally get back on my Twitch and start streaming again.

Until the next one! CHEERS!

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