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"Thunderstruck brings the power and entertainment of a genuine AC/DC show...They're amazing...Don't miss a great night of rock 'n' roll!" - 101.4 WPDH The Home of Rock 'N' Roll

Thunderstruck gives fans so much more than the sound of AC/DC, they truly capture the high voltage energy and experience.  For fans, it's about a sense of familiarity, and it's about a feeling that snatches up listeners and takes over.  It's about a contagious kind of power and electricity that few AC/DC tribute bands can provide. 

From Tyler Melen's ridiculously non-stop on-stage performance replicating the Angus Young of the 70's and 80's, to Bobby Lee Stamper's versatile vocals mimicking both Bon Scott and Brian Johnson ranges, to the incredible rhythm section made up of Kevin Feller on rhythm guitar, Corey Baetz on drums, and Chris Jones on bass, Thunderstruck gives a complete and consistently quality live show as true to the spirit of AC/DC that you can possibly get.

Thunderstruck: America's AC/DC has performed tribute shows throughout the nation, with a consistent record of sold out shows from coast-to-coast.  Thunderstruck, officially established in 2015 (but existing in other variations for several years prior), has continued to grow its fan base by building and maintaining relationships with some of the nation's biggest promoters and venues, such as Live Nation and the House of Blues, as well as by performing at major music festivals including the Pensacola Tribute Fest and Parr Fest, in addition to live stream performances for major brands such as Number Juan Tequila and Monsters of Rock

Thunderstruck is also the only AC/DC tribute band in the United States to have a major national brand sponsor, which is Number Juan Tequila, owned and operated by Alex Reymundo (Rednexican, Latin Kings of Comedy), and Ron White (Blue Collar Comedy, Horrible Bosses, Comedy Central Presents).



Guitar Player
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Bobby Lee Stamper is known as a Louisville Legend.  He possesses the kind of voice that is coveted by rock acts all over the world, with range that can give you a perfect Brian Johnson for "Back in Black", or a wicked Bon Scott for "Jailbreak". 

Bobby has been in the music business for over 20 years, fronting for both tribute and original acts, including his own original band and Louisville fan favorite, Hardlein.  He has toured all over the country, and has had the opportunity to take the stage with the likes of major national acts such as Jackyl, White Lion, Black Stone Cherry, Pownd, Stemm, and Skid Row.



Tyler Melen is by far one of the most energetic and raw musicians to ever take on the role of Angus Young.  Tyler began his career back in 2006 like many others, teaching himself guitar and emulating Angus routines in his garage.  He's gone from Youtube infamy to sharing the stage with the likes of AC/DC Alumni Dave Evans (original singer) and Chris Slade (drummer). 

He's fronted for major AC/DC tribute acts both nationally and internationally, including Jailbreak, Back to Black, Noise Pollution, Livewire, Halfway to Hell, Long Gon Bon, and Big Jack.  Tyler is also one of the only working AC/DC tribute act performers to have a spot in an AC/DC music video, being featured in 2015's "Rock the Blues Away" off the Rock or Bust album. 

In addition to tribute acts, Tyler has played lead guitar in original national touring act, Firing All Cylinders, and San Diego fan favorite, The Focke Wolves.  He is a registered ASCAP songwriter, and has worked with Cameron Webb (Producer - Motorhead), and Jeremy Valentyne and brother, Brandon Wolfe (both of New Years Day).

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If there's anyone who could be described as the rock of Thunderstruck, it is Kevin Feller.  Kevin is one of the founding members of Thunderstruck, everything that Thunderstruck is, is possible because of Kevin.  Kevin and Chris were the founding members of two AC/DC tributes, the first of which being Bonfire, which eventually became Riff/Raff in the early 2000s.  Adding new members in 2015, Kevin assisted with re-branding the band as they recognized they had something special.  Then, Thunderstruck was born. 

Kevin's been in the music industry for decades, and his accolades are too numerous to count.  But fun fact: Kevin is the only member of Thunderstruck who has actually seen Bon Scott front AC/DC live on tour!



Time to get 'orny, baby!  Mr. Corey Baetz, formerly the lead guitarist of Thunderstruck, rolled into the drummer slot after Tyler came on to take over Angus.  Corey is an extremely talented musician and started his first AC/DC tribute band with his dad when he was just 15 years old. 

He's also worked in the acting world (on set with many major celebrities such as Queen Latifah), and is also an online personality on Youtube.  He runs his channel, SirSchmengy, which features gaming content as well as SirSchmengy Vlogs, which is a weekly series following Thunderstruck behind the scenes on tour. 

In addition to playing for Thunderstruck, Corey has also been a member of the AC/DC House Band, playing with Ivan Gac, who has gained major acclaim in the AC/DC world with his performances on Yo Soy, a Chilean variety show. 

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Along with Kevin, Chris "The Hair" Jones is the other remaining founding member of Thunderstruck, and don't think Chris is going anywhere any time soon....he's a lifer! 

Chris has been playing bass for over 13 years, playing in all iterations of Thunderstruck: America's AC/DC tribute, including Bonfire and Riff/Raff, but according to Chris, his greatest accomplishment has been his son, Malcolm (who also happens to be one of Thunderstruck's biggest little fans!)  For Chris, being a father has been the most rewarding thing in his life and it truly changed him as a person.



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