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ON THE ROAD WITH THUNDERSTRUCK! Schmengy Vlogs - Episode 7: Marc Storace or Kevin Cronin?

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Episode 7 is here and it shows the Return of Party Man, Chris Jones. We had 2 shows in this vlog, Dayton, OH at Wings and Vevay, IN at the Swiss Wine Festival. Both shows were sweaty as hell, but the crowds were rockin'!!

This vlog features a Live Hotline Poll regarding Bobby looking like Marc Storace of Krokus, or Kevin Cronin of REO Speedwagon. The results were astronomical. There also is a performance that happened on the fly. Bobby wanted to play some drums because he hasn't given any skins a wack in awhile. So we pulled a little switcheroo at soundcheck on Friday and had some fun.

Songs Played at Soundcheck:

@3:27 - Shoot to Thrill ft me on Vox and Bobby on drums

@12:24 - Live Wire

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