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ON THE ROAD WITH THUNDERSTRUCK: Schmengy Vlogs - Episode 34: I Lost The Battle, But Will Win The War

Episode 34 has come around the corner and I want to thank Bobby for recording last week's edition of the vlog! In this one, we play in Hampton, Virginia at the Vanguard, On The Rox in Seymour, Indiana, and Our Lady of Perpetual Hops in New Albany, Indiana.

Throughout these travels, I get beat up by a road case holding pre-amps, we go see Uncharted and give our expert opinions, we consume some delicious mexican food, we talk about "What's happening in Clarksville", and I eat Chef Boyardee the Tyler Melen style, straight out of the can and no microwave needed.

Next week we are heading to the Fillin' Station in Beaufort, South Carolina and the Thunder Mountain Tavern in Bristol, Tennessee. Unfortunately, I'm still not sure when HVW will return to tapings, but only time will tell.


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