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ON THE ROAD WITH THUNDERSTRUCK: Schmengy Vlogs - Episode 33: The Bobby Lee Edition

Episode 33 is the Bobby Lee Special Edition! We wanted to make this vlog something different. He came by my house and worked with me to create this. I was going to include my small amounts of footage from the Vanguard in Hampton, Virginia, which was taken this past weekend, but I felt this footage should be posted separately.

This vlog contains footage from the Machine Shop in Flint, Michigan and the Crafthouse in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Scott Leggett filled in on drums for me and I thank him very much for doing it!

Next week's vlog will have the Vanguard in Hampton, Virginia, On the Rox in Seymour, Indiana, and Our Lady of Perpetual Hops (OLPH) in New Albany, Indiana. Along with that, there will finally be an update from the High Voltage Wrestling Camp.

I hope everyone enjoys this Bobby Lee Edition of Schmengy Vlogs.


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