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ON THE ROAD WITH THUNDERSTRUCK: Schmengy Vlogs - Episode 28: Smellin' Mics & Throwin' Out the Trash

Another installment of Schmengy Vlogs has arrived, and we have a special guest this weekend. Tyler took some time off to go spend his birthday with his family in California, so we called "Kyle The Guitar Guy" to fill-in for him, and he did a fantastic job. A link to his channel will be below.

We had two fun nights this past weekend. The first night was a debut show for us in Akron, OH at a venue called The Vortex. We wish we could've had a bit of a better turnout there, but all things considered, we had a rockin' good time. The next night was in Buffalo, NY at the Tralf Music Hall, and we've been there quite a few times now. The Post Office of Buffalo showed up and so did the rest of our fans in Buffalo. We look forward to our return to Buffalo later this year and hopefully we'll get back to the Akron-area soon.

For High Voltage Wrestling this week, we hear from the Special Guest Referee of last week's Backyard Brawl, Chris Jones. Now he goes by, Sir Christoper Sexton Harcastle. He has some words for the HVW Community, and more importantly, Brian Meeks.

Next week, we return to two killer venues, the Arcada Theatre in St. Charles, IL and the Palace Theater in the Wisconsin Dells. Until then, long live AC/DC!!!!

Kyle LaPato's YouTube Channel:

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