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ON THE ROAD WITH THUNDERSTRUCK: Schmengy Vlogs - Episode 24: Heartbreak for Jones

A delayed release, but for good reason. Rachel and I have moved from Nashville to Louisville and the move didn't give me enough time to release anything last week. So here we are, three shows in one vlog. Our visit to the Louisville Billiards Club, and our debut shows at Apps & Taps in Mooresville, North Carolina and at the River City Casino in St. Louis, Missouri. We played with JUMP - The Ultimate Van Halen Tribute in Louisville and the other two shows didn't involve an opener.

Along with the shows, HVW finally got a Nacho Libre sighting in Mooresville, but it didn't last long, because he was looking for one specific person. Who knows what will come of this manhunt and I'm not sure how this storyline will unfold.

On to Des Plaines, Illinois to rock the Des Plaines Theatre!!! That will be our only show this coming weekend on Saturday, January 29, 2022!!

Lastly, long live AC/DC and CHEERS!!!

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