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ON THE ROAD WITH THUNDERSTRUCK: Not a Red Hot Chili Peppers Ad - Schmengy Vlogs - Ep. 39

We are one video away from #40, and HERE IT IS!!! NUMBER 39! We've got plenty of chatter from Bobby about the Red Hot Chili Peppers, we return to the Manchester Music Hall in Lexington, Kentucky, and we have our debut show in LaPorte, Indiana at the Civic Auditorium. Both shows went well and we even had someone spill a little blood. I'll tell ya what, the Civic Auditorium was steaming! We were all sweating by the 2nd song and for me, it felt great! Bobby, not so much.

Now on-wards to Episode 40. On deck for the next vlog, we've got the Oak Grove Gaming Casino in Oak Grove, Kentucky, and Hot Rods & Handlebars put on by Harley Davidson in Sunbury, Ohio. It should be a good time! Catch you all next week!

Oh, and also, sorry, but still no inspiration going on for me with High Voltage Wrestling. I'm not sure what the future is for HVW. For now, it sits in the SirSchmengy Shadows.

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